Membership Info

Membership Requirements:

1. Must have an active interest in radio controlled model aircraft and model aviation.

2. Must attend two (2) meetings prior to being accepted into the club. Prospective members may ask to join the club at the second meeting. If meeting attendance is not possible, please contact the club President to discuss options.

3. Must be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and be registered with the FAA in order to have flying privileges.

4. Must agree to club dues of $100.00 annually (working member) or - $200.00 annually (non-working) . Club By-Laws provide for other types of membership.

5. Must agree to promote, support and participate in club activities.

6. Must agree to abide by the policies, rules, and regulations of the club (both present and future) which have been duly adopted by a majority of club members. Also agrees to abide by the rules of the AMA and the FAA (as applicable).

7. Membership is suspended when dues are in arrears, Re-entry to LARKS occurs when dues are made current.

Membership Benefits:

  • 7200 sq. ft. of canopy on a concrete slab with 30+ 4'x 8' tables with electric outlets at each table.

  • Air-conditioned and heated clubhouse with men's / women's restrooms, kitchen, TV/VCR, refrigerators and microwave.

  • 8 RV electric hookups ($20.00/day), unlimited RV parking.

  • More than 500' concrete runway with plenty of groomed run out.

  • 500' parallel grass runway.

  • Unobstructed flying over open fields.


  • Due by December 31 of each year. Can be paid online, or by check or cash to the Treasurer.