Calendar of Events

CLUB MEETINGS - Club meetings are held most months with the location to be announced on this website.

When the club flight instructors are present, we offer introductory flights for free.

To find us, search for Larksfield Rd in Carlyss using your Map App. Questions: Email:

* August 13th, 10am to 3pm - Community Fun Fly

* September 10th, 9:30am - September Club Meeting at LARKS. Guests welcome

* September 10th, 11am - Community Fun Fly

* Sept 30th & Oct 1st - Warbirds over Louisiana. Registration $30, includes lunch on Saturday.


* May Day Heli Fest - May 5th & 6th

* Gulf Coast Pattern Championship - May 20th & 21st. AMA sanction 13538. May 19th - Practice day

Registration $50, RV hook ups $20 daily