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Guests, spectators and future pilots are always welcome when members are present.

Check our Facebook page as members often post when they are flying.

What does it take to learn to fly? Basically time and practice. Larks has a flight simulator so you can safety learn the basics of flying and gain some confidence before moving into the club's trainer. The club's trainer is equipped with a dual transmitter setup known as a 'buddy box'. Both the instructor and the student pilot have a transmitter. The instructor has full control of the airplane until he pushes a button and intentionally transfers control to the student pilot. When the instructor needs to take control, he simply releases the button and he immediately has full control again. Most students learn to solo within 25 flights.

Larks is the premier model airplane club in Southwest Louisiana. Larks is associated with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) which is the national association supporting model aviation. You can learn more about the AMA at

To be a member of Larks with flying privileges, you must be an active member of the AMA, you must be registered as a Recreational UAV operator with the FAA ( and you must have completed the TRUST test (visit for more information).

Schedule an appointment to meet with our flight instructors through the FB page or email us at

To join LARKS, email your name, address and cell number to In the subject line write I want to join LARKS. We will contact you with more information.


Model Aviation Day - June 29th 10am to 4pm. In cooperation with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (, this is our annual Take Off and Grow fly in. Flight simulator, flight instructors and trainer airplanes available all day at no charge. Lunch will be available. Jets, helicopters, scale, aerobatic and sport / classic airplanes will be flying. Pilots must be current AMA members and registered with the FAA. Guests are welcome to fly with an instructor for free. For more information, email

July Club Meeting - July 13th at 9am at Larks. Open flying after the meeting. Guests welcome!

Community Fun Fly - July 13th 11am to 3pm (weather permitting). Free event! Flight sim, trainer airplanes and flight instructors available for intro flights. Free lunch provided (donations accepted). Fun for the whole family!!

Indoor flying most Mondays at 6:30pm at the Grace Baptist Church gym. Located off of Patton Street in Sulphur. Family and friends welcome. Larks pilots must be AMA and Larks members, guest pilots must be AMA members. This is a great facility and it is a lot of fun.

Monthly Mowing Captains:

June - John D

July - Scott Barnes

August - 

Sept - 

Oct - Tommy G

Nov - Jim M

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Bo Hinch Field

Use your Map App and search for 'Larksfield Rd'.

LARKS was formed in 1968 as a hobby club dedicated to the advancement of model aviation and the promotion and enjoyment of the hobby/sport of flying radio controlled (R/C) model aircraft. The founding "Charter" members of LARKS are: Ned Barnes, John Embry, Ron Hicken, Charlie Staton, Dick VanDyke, and Jim VanDyke. Approximately 50-60 members make up the LARKS family. The Lake Area Radio Kontrol Society has been a Louisiana corporation since 1976.

         LARKS owns it own miniature airport, Hinch Field, which is situated on approximately four acres of land in Carlyss, LA. Hinch Field, one of the finest R/C flying sites on the Gulf Coast, is located of Louisiana Highway 108 and Murl Ellender Road, west of Southland Airport, which is located about seven miles south of Sulphur, LA. The easiest way to find us is to enter 'Larksfield Rd' into your map app. LARKS has been flying at this beautiful Field since 1972. There are signs on highway 108 and Murl Ellender Road directing traffic to Hinch Field. Our airport is open to the public during flying times. The regular "Club" day to fly is Sunday afternoon, weather permitting. However, there may be members flying any day of the week. LARKS also holds fly-in's and airshows at various times of the year to promote fellowship and model aviation. During our airshows, we have a program whereby any member of the public will be given the opportunity to fly a "basic trainer" R/C model airplane.

          Southwest Louisiana has been the site of four AMA Nationals (NATS), hosted by LARKS. The NATS were held here in 1974, 1975, 1978 and 1986. The NATS is a competitive event involving all of model aviation and attracts participants from around the world.

For club information or information about flying lessons,  email us at

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(Flying privileges at LARKS require AMA membership, LARKS membership and FAA pilot registration)

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