Club Officers, By-Laws and Rules

President - Monroe Michaelis
Vice President - Bill White
Treasurer - Ken Ortego
Secretary - Roy Zant
Member At Large - Jim Martin
Immediate Past President - Lynn Hinch

All can be reached by email at

From the February 2019 regular club meeting, the following was presented by the Executive Council as an amendment to the current By-Laws. This amendment  will be in addition to the existing text which is found in ARTICLE VII, Section 3.

In the event that a situation arises that constitutes an emergency as unanimously agreed upon by the Executive Council which threatens the safety, sustainability of the club or the protection of the property, the Executive Council shall have authority to take whatever monetary action is necessary to prevent further loss or damage to LARKS.  In the event that a member(s) of the Executive Council, after due diligence, is unreachable or in some way incapacitated, the remaining Executive Council members shall be considered a Quorum and have the authority to take the necessary emergency containment action. As soon as practical, the LARKS membership will be notified of the emergency situation and the action which was taken to contain the situation.

This amendment will presented at the March 2019 regular club meeting for ratification by LARKS membership.

Lake Area Radio Kontrol,
Feb 14, 2019, 11:03 AM