Minutes of Larks January 2011 Meeting


The regular Larks business meeting was held  Jan 9th, 2011.  The meeting was called to order by President Ernie

             Nettles who then lead in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Announcement !!!  Mike Rowe has a PayPal acct setup for members to pay dues. Please see his email with the link

             Or you can locate it under the member area of



 Rob Jasken of Spring Texas, who is working in the area requested membership in LARKS. Eddie Batchelor made a motion to waive the 2 meeting rule, it was seconded by Mike Rowe and he was voted in as a new member.

Minutes of Meeting

            There were no Minutes of the previous meeting as it was the Christmas party. There were both positive and  

            negative comments about the venue of the party. Pres Ernie said we may ask for suggestions as to the 

            location of our party for next year.

Treasurers Report

The treasurers report for November and December 2010 was given by Treasurer Mike Rowe.  The club had a small positive cash flow over these two months. Bo Hinch made a motion to accept the treasurers report. Greg Nettles seconded the motion and it passed.


Coke Report

            Greg Nettles said he had turned in money from the coke fund.




          GULFSTATES ELECTRIC FUNFLY                April 2  2011

            MAYDAY                                                                      April 29,30 May 1, 2011

        Bo Hinch, of the event committee, said there are lots of people stating on RunRyder 

that they are planning to come to MayDay this year. He also said Gary from Bulgaria has

stated he was coming.

                        SWAP MEET                                                                 Date to be determined

WARBIRDS OVER LOUISIANA                           June   (traditional weekend in June)

GULF COAST PATTERN CHAMPIONSHIP       Oct   (traditional weekend in Oct)



 Club Maintenance

 Waiting on the ground to dry up enough to do some repair work to the runway.

Safety Report
            No safety report was given.
Old Business

 Mike Rowe talked about the difficulties of getting some improvements to the website he has been working  

on. Ideally he would like to expand the Paypal abilities to allow online event regeristraions. Anyone who  

might no someone with the ability to help Mike , please get them in contact ASAP.


We are still searching for a vendor willing to accept the contract for our field mowing.


New Business

Greg Nettles presented to the club an opportunity to “BID” on the possibility of hosting one of the Seven (7) HuckFest events planned for 2011. After much discussion a decision was not made at this time.

             In the past the club held a 50-50 raffle at each meeting. Tickets would be purchased and the person who had  
the winning ticket would get 1/2 of the pot and the club got the other 1/2.   Sometime ago it was abandoned , I think simply because Mr Sonny Stokeld is not able to attend and remind us of it.


             Well Mr Jim Martin reinstated the club raffle today, with a twist. Tickets were for sale for $1.00 each (no limit per person) for a “surprise” PRIZE, as he refused to announce what it was. At the end of our meeting Eddie Batchelor was asked to draw a ticket and Mr Tim Bertrand was the lucky ticket holder. Upon opening his prize package , it contained a steel center finding ruler. Something that is certainly on my wish list, that SANTA forgot LOL. Jim said all proceeds would be used to acquire another prize for  next month, thus the 1st monthly club raffle was a hugh success. Everyone had fun attempting to guess the contents. For my perspective, it sure rattled like a 21x14 APC prop <G>.

Greg Nettles made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded  by Tim Bertrand.