Lake Area Radio Kontrol Society

Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2013               7:00pm

LARKS Field, Carlyss, LA


See attendance sheet

Next meeting:

April 11th, 2013, Location TBA



I.       Call to order

Opening with Pledge of Allegiance

II.     Welcoming of Guests / New Members

James Michaelis, 1st meeting – Looking to earn his wings, has completed about 10 flights

III.    Reports


Motion made and seconded to waive the reading of the Minutes from last month


Treasurer’s report

      Discussion regarding the state of Club finances

      Motion made and seconded to accept report, motion passed


No Safety Report


Maintenance Report

Unofficial work day on March 9th, strong turnout. Tin roof removed from South end of pavilion, pattern box poles erected.

Official work day on March 16th. Pressure washing of runway, painting lines on runway, trenching and running of conduit, etc.


Coke report

      Fund experiencing positive cash flow

IV.   Old Business


Gulf Coast Pattern Contest – April 20th & 21st

      Discussion followed regarding organization

      Discussion followed regarding concessions / pilot’s supper on Saturday

      Discussion followed regarding trophies / awards

      Discussion followed regarding entry fee

      Discussion followed regarding promotional activities