Minutes: Taken by Jacques Picou

Meeting Called by:  President Ernie Nettles

Pledge of Allegiance: Lead by Ernie Nettles

Guest:  No guest this month.

New Members:  No new members this month.

Members:   14 members were in attendance.

Minutes of last Meeting:  Mike Rowe made a motion to accept minutes of last meeting.  Pat Moore made a second to the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


·       Treasurer’s Report given by Mike Rowe.  Greg Nettles made a motion to accept the report as presented.  Pat Moore made a second to the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

·        Safety Report.  No Report given for this month.  Mr. Jim Martin is now our new Safety Officer. 

·        Maintenance Report:  The work day was great. 13 members came and showed off their muscles, the runway was cleaned and prepared for repairs.  Some spots that were picked for earlier mentioned repairs didn’t work out as hoped. So it looks like we will formulate a plan “B”. Tables and poles were treated to new paint. Thank you to everyone who participated!  Another work day may be called after the Electric Fly-in to prep for May Day. Greg and Glenn Bogart recently cleaned the runway.  Glenn used his specialty equipment and has more to do that will help the repairs needed.  Lynn also did most of the edging and plans to complete it shortly.  Thank you to everyone for your great efforts and hard work!


·        Coke Report: No report for the month. Ernie Nettles has taken over the duties from Lynn. Ernie did report there will be some price changes with the candy but the sodas will remain the same.


Old Business:

  Electric Fun Fly will be April 2nd 2011 from 8am till dusk… Logistics, food and a raffle were topics of discussion. Anyone wanting to help please contact Mike Rowe.

 Nothing new to report. Anyone who is interested in helping for the event is asked to contact Mr. Bo, Lynn or Kirk.

Danny reported that there are conflicts with the October dates with other flying clubs and their events for WARBIRDS.  The new dates will be November 4th, 5th, & 6th. Please adjust your calendars.  

Mike Rowe reported that not all members have reported in with their current AMA membership. This is a must!  Please see or call him as soon as possible.

 President Nettles reported that not everyone has paid their dues for this year.  According to the by-laws those members are now deemed “non-members” and must go through the new member application process.  President Nettles will send those overdue members a final notice before taking any action.


New Business:

   President Nettles brought it to the attention of the members that Mr. Glenn Bogart came to the club and with his own time, labor, fuel, and equipment did so for no charge.  Further he is returning to repair and paint the runway at no cost to the club.  As a result of appreciation and compensation of fuel and equipment usage the club will reimburse fuel cost and grant two years membership to Mr. Bogart.

  Danny reported that he is having a “Heli Day” at W.W. Lewis on April 19th 2011 from 8am to 3pm.  He will do some micro heli demostarations and have a few lager helis on display.  Danny could use some help for the day with all that needs to be done.  Anyone who has set up and presented to kids at school knows why!  If you can help please contact Danny at 337-515-4475, thank you; and thanks to Danny for promoting and supporting the hobby and club! 

 President Nettles reported that there have been some complaints about members with their pets while at the club. The club rule is under General Policies, General Rules, stating, “ PET OWNERS HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN CONTROL OVER THEIR PETS IN ACCORDANCE WITH CALCASIEU PARISH LEASH LAW” “PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH”  After discussion it was said that if a member breaks the rule, that member will be approached by the President or Vice President with one warning.  If member fails to comply with the rule an Executive Session will be convened for disciplinary action to be taken on said member. 



  President Ernie Nettles brought it to the member’s attention that help is needed to maintain the clubhouse and rodent/ant problems. Because of the mice and gecko’s Ernie asked that something be done to the ceiling to limit access, also the clubhouse needs new flooring, the storage building also needs maintenance. Standing water and dirt-dobbers have been a problem.  Further it has been only a few members that has been cleaning and maintaining the facilities and more help is needed.  A suggestion that a “C-Can” be purchased for storage may take care of the storage issue.  Anyone with information or suggestions please report them at the next meeting or contact President Ernie Nettles.  The end of discussions it was decided that at the end of each meeting the clubhouse and grounds would be cleaned and maintained.  

 Executive committee has appointed Jacques Picou the new secretary to the club. Good Luck…

  Jim Martin urges all members to respond to the current fight with AMA and all RC Hobbyist to please get on board and fight the FCC trying to again adjust our radio waves. For more information go to the AMA website under government relations and read up! 

Close of Meeting:  Lynn made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mike Rowe made a second to the motion.  Motion Passed.