LARKS February Minutes & News Letter 2012

Meeting called to order by President Danny Oliver with 15 members present at 7:03 P.M.

Pledge of allegiance was recited .

Motion made to wave reading of minutes of January meeting by Mike R. and seconded by Jim M . as they were posted on the LARKS website .

Treasure report was given by Mike R. , motion made by Jim  and seconded by Pat M. to accept treasure report .

No Safety Report , BUT , Danny did bring up a problem of a flier taking off in one direction , then a wind change comes along and the flier makes a landing from opposite direction . That is fine as long as he is only flier at the run way . The problem comes about when there are other fliers also flying .It could become dangerous for those folks .Bottom line , use common courtesy and notify other fliers as to what you are doing , OR , land in same direction as you took off .Ernie N. suggested a wind sock on fence line in order to see wind direction change , even if it was / is a small one .

Field Maintenance : A discussion was held on price of material to replace / repair roof on south end of canopy . A discussion was held on the repair or scrapping of tables in bad need of repair . A discussion was held on repair of starting STANDS and tables on taxi ways and the two light poles which are to house the security cameras and security lights . It was also discussed how to set up and organize future work days .

Electric Fun-Fly is postponed until further notice because of conflicting dates .

Coke report given by Danny O..The money taken from coke machine was used to purchase new supply of drinks .

OLD BUSINESS :  Wiring for light poles and conduit to run wires in .

May-Day heli-fly preregistrations will be able to preregister by PayPal  and their name will be put into a VERY special drawing of a noteworthy prize .

New Business : 4 X 8 sign to be mounted where everyone entering site will be notified they are being monitored on camera 24 hours a day for security reasons . Motion made by Jim M. and seconded by Ernie N. to purchase sign . Motion passed .

Mowing contract : A discussion was held on present mowing contract . Everyone agreed to continue with present contractor so long as HE, the present contractor was in agreement with it .

March meeting place will be checked out by Danny and members will be notified by checking out the LARKS web site for place at .

Motion to close meeting at 7:58 P.M. by Danny and a second by Ernie N. Meeting adjourned .

Presented by Bo Hinch   LARKS Sectary   337-515-1158   AMA 83248

Danny Oliver President

Lynn Hinch    Vice President

Mike Rowe   Treasure

Jim Martin    member at Large

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