Article II. Initiation Fees and Dues


            Section 1.     Fiscal Year

               The fiscal year shall be from January 1 to December 31.


               Section 2.     Initiation Fee

               Initiation fees shall be in accordance with the following schedule:

                              a)            Junior                                                 $   -00-

                              b)           Open/Worker                                        10.00

                              c)            Family                                                    10.00

                              d)           Life                                                          N/A

                              e)            Charter                                                   N/A


               Section 3.     Dues

                                                                                                         Quarterly                               Annual

                              a)            Junior  (worker)                             $    -00-                               $    -00-

                            aa)            Junior  (non-worker)                              3.00                                12.00

                              b)           Open (non-flier)                                    25.00                              100.00

                         bb)              Open (worker)                                       25.00                              100.00

                     bbb) Open (non-worker)                                              50.00                               200.00

                       c)    Family (working)                                                34.00                               136.00

                     cc)    Family (non-working)                                         59.00                              236.00

                       d)   Life                                                                          N/A                                 N/A


               Section 4.             Notation of Dues Payment

               Notation of dues Payment shall be part of the Treasurer’s report and by annotating the LARKS

               record book. A receipt shall be issued. The Treasurer shall submit a current list of membership and

               dues status to the President for the record at each meeting of the LARKS.


               Section 5.             Delinquencies

Dues shall be payable on a annual basis unless an exception has been made by the

Treasurer to pay quarterly. This exception would be allowed only at the Treasurers discretion and based on individual circumstances.

Any member delinquent in dues three (3) months or more shall have their membership

terminated automatically, unless member, prior to the three months grace period, has

notified in writing to any Executive Committee member his or her desire to enter into

inactive status.

After being terminated, reentry to the club shall be as a new member. Any and all

delinquent dues must be paid in full.


Section 6.             Inactive Status

A member may enter inactive status for a period up to one (1) year by notifying the executive

Committee in writing as defined in Article II, Section 5, paragraph (b).  During this period, said

member shall pay no dues and shall be entitled to no LARKS privileges. Said member shall continue

to receive the LARKS news letter. Reinstatement without penalty or initiation fee, shall occur on

resumption of payment of dues prior to the end of the one (1) year inactive period.




Section 7.             Assessments

If at any time an assessment of the membership is required, such assessment may be levied by a two thirds vote of the members present at a meeting of the LARKS. Notice of such proposed assessment shall be advertised to the membership by email and LARKS web site prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.


Section 8.             Distribution of Assets

All dues collected and other income shall be used solely for the benefit of the LARKS.