16th Annual IMAA
Ralley Flag

The 1996 16th Annual IMAA Rally of Giants was held June 13-16, 1996 at the Chennault Industrial Airpark in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The un-official count was approximately 220 registered pilots. The photos here are a small but representative sample of the quality of aircraft at this event. Thanks to Wayne J. Daigle, professional photographer and president of the event sponsor club (LARKS Chapter 274), for contributing some of the photos including the aerial shot. If anyone would like to submit any other photos, please let me know.
Pic 1 This is a photo of part of Vendor's Row taken from the top of the Melrose Co.'s trailer, just after one of the rainstorms. (Color 41k image)

Pic 2 Another photo from the top of the trailer, this time of the flight line and "control tower". Again just after one of the rainstorms. (Color 32k image).

Pic 3 Tom Street's 1/3 scale Kitfox and full scale "documentation". The 1/3 scale was built by Keith Coover, has a 2.4 Sachs, and the same paint as the full size. Tom built the full size in 8 months. The Byron GeeBee has a G62 for power. (Color 23k image).

Pic 4 Another view of Tom Street's Kitfox just before taking Wayne Daigle, L.A.R.K.S. President and also a professional photographer, up for aerial shots of the Rally of Giants. (Color 44k image).

Pic 5 Photo from the Kitfox cockpit as it taxies in front of the flight line preparing to take off for some aerial photography by Wayne Daigle. (Color 45k image).

Pic 6 Aerial photograph of the 1996 IMAA Rally of Giants - partially showing the 27 acres of concrete at Chennault Industrial Air Park! . (Color 59k image).

Pic 7Charlie Stevens, IMAA District VIII Director, and his scratch built Taylorcraft. It is scaled after a 1947 BC12. 141 1/2" wing, Saito 300 with ignition and gas carb. Also has an electric starter on-board. You can call Charlie at (713)473-4995 and he will be glad to discuss it with you! (Color 35k image).

Pic 8 Ken Shapiro, IMAA District X Assistant Director, and his Byron Staggerwing. 77" wingspan, weighs 20 lbs., powered by OS BGX-1. Has flaps and retracts, and is a very stable flying aircraft. (Color 27k image).

Pic 9 P51D built by Bob Neider. American Eagle Kit - fiberglass fuselage, foam wing and tail feathers. 101" wingspan, 38 lbs., powered by a Sachs 4.2 and has electric retracts. (Color 34k image).

Pic 10 Red Baron Super Stearman built by Keith Coover. Balsa USA Kit, weighs 53 lbs, and is powered by a 3W120B2 engine. (Color 39k image).

Pic 11 1939 WACO SRE built by R. B. Kincaid. Has a teriffic sound in the air - powered by a 5.2 Sachs, weighs 45 lbs., 116" wingspan, and full scale details. (Color 39k image).

Pic 12 JU87 Stuka from Ziroli Plans built by Rod Johnson from I4C products. Powered by a G62 and weighs 28 lbs., 100" wingspan. Leningrad Snow Scheme. It has air driven sirens by Air Screamer which sound awesome in the air during a dive! (Color 34k image).