Lake Area Radio Kontrol Society

Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2013                  7:00pm

LARKS Field, Carlyss, LA


See attendance sheet

Next meeting:

July 11th, 2013, Location Club house



I.       Call to order

Opening with Pledge of Allegiance

II.     Welcoming of Guests / New Members

Tony Duprie, returning former member – new member

       Travis Longmore, represented by proxy by Jim Martin due to work schedule – new membership pending payment of dues

III.    Reports


Motion made and seconded to waive the reading of the Minutes from last month


Treasurer’s report

      Discussion regarding the state of Club finances

      Motion made and seconded to accept report, motion passed


Safety Report

No report


Maintenance Report

Purchase weed killer to spray the ditches

Locking system on C Can


Coke fund report

      Fund experiencing positive cash flow

IV.   Old Business


Electric fly In

            Posted on website

            Aug 16th (Friday - half day) & 17th (all day Saturday)

            AMA National Modeling Day

            Mike and Lynn to attempt to secure indoor flying site






V.     New Business


Club Appreciate Day

            June 29th (Saturday)

            Invite neighboring clubs

            Low key, low work, fun event with free food until it runs out


Chennult Air Show

            Sept 29th & 30th

            Club static and flying displays

            AMA promo / simulator trailer


New Bar B Que-er

            $200 at Stine’s

            Motion made and seconded for budget of $500 for grill


VI.   Adjournment

Motion made and seconded to adjourn