Minutes of Larks April 11, 2010 Meeting

Richard "Buck" Owens, Secretary

The regular Larks business meeting was held April 11th, 2010. The meeting was called to order by President Erni Nettles who then lead in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Visitors and Attendance:

Fred Vines a returning member asked to rejoin the club. A motion was made by Mike Rowe to waive the 2nd meeting requirement for application to join LARKS. The motion was 2nd Buck Owens and Fred was voted in as a new member. Welcome to the Club.

Members present: 18

Thanks to all that showed up for the meeting hope to see everyone at the April 25th meeting. .

Minutes :

Reading minutes were waived due to the fact that the minutes can be read on the larks website.

Treasurers Report

Mike Rowe presented the March treasury report

Motion was made to accept the treasury report by Mike Pascale 2nd by Joe Hagan

Coke Report

Given by Greg Nettles


MAYDAY April 30th _ May 1st- 2nd 2010

Committe report for Mayday

Ernie Nettles is taking over the management of this event, Pat Moore, and Buck Owens are taking over the cooking responsibilities.

Dan Wickerser has recieved numorous donations from our sponsors to be given away at this event. There are still other avenues to pursue for more donations.

Club Maintenance

Maintenance report was given by Pat Moore,

Completed work on the outside cooking area, Well Done Pat it looks nice.

Electrical work still needs to be done on all RV parking spaces, there is not enough time to complete this task before the up coming event.

More gravel needs to be added to the parking areas.

Kyle Moore stated he would stop by after work on his way home and look into what may be done to fix the electrical problems temporarily till we can get all the wiring and plumbing done right.

Volunteers are needed for these projects Please contact Pat Moore to help.


Safety Report

George Miller was not present to give safety report.

Old Business

As stated in past meetings a way to secure the property is needed to prevent acts of vandalisms that have occurred in the past, and a robbery that recently occurred. Materials are being provided by Buck Owens and Pat Moore consisting of gates, pipe and wire to block the road entering Larks field.

Ernie Nettles stated he would secure the windows so no one can enter the club house through them.



New Business

Ernie Nettles handed out raffles tickets to be sold for a chance to win a 42? HD TV to be given out on September 12, 2010. This is just one way to help raise revenues for the club. Lets get out there and sell these tickets.

Thanks Ernie we can use these Binders for future fundraisers also.

Mike Rowe brought up for our awareness that the next event is warbirds and we need to start planning for this event. Mike Young and Tim Bertrand went to the Crowley, LA Fun Fly, stated they were selling nice t-shirts and that we should look into doing that as well. Mike Rowe is going to check and see if we can have a vendor make t-shirts on the spot.

Pat Moore brought up the problem with our trash not being emptied into the dumpster and the need for all members to help keep our club clean. Ernie Nettles suggested that after meetings and flight days members help empty the garbage cans into the dumpsters.


Special Club meeting will be held on April 25th at 2pm please attend.


Motion was made to adjurn the Meeting by Eddie Batchelor and 2nd by Kyle Moore