Minutes of Larks Mar 14, 2010 Meeting

Richard "Buck" Owens, Secretary

The regular Larks business meeting was held March 14th, 2010. The meeting was called to order by President Erni Nettles who then lead in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Visitors and Attendance:

Joe Hagan Jr. and Raymond Cook attended thier first meeting.

Members present: 20

Thanks to all that showed up for the meeting hope to see everyone at the April 14th meeting.

Minutes of Meeting

Feb 14th 2010 meeting minutes were waived due to the fact that the minutes can be read on the larks website. The motion was made by Mike Young and seconded by Pat Moore

Treasurers Report

Jim Martin presented the Feb report to show a positive cash flow for the month.

Motion was made to accept the treasury report by George Miller 2nd by Jerry Cox

Coke Report

Coke report was waived, Greg Nettles not being here to make the report


MAYDAY May (April 30th _ May 1st- 2nd 2010)

Club Maintenance

Maintenance report was given by Pat Moore,

Tables and sink are being added to make an outside cooking area

Volunteers are welcome to help.

The wiring needs to be replaced for all the RV hook ups and water hook ups also need to be added there as well. We have six existing RV spots with plans to add two more.

More gravel needs to be added to the parking areas when they have dried out.

Volunteers are needed for these projects Please contact Pat Moore to help.

Thanks Pat for all your efforts to get things done.

Safety Report

No Safety Problems were brought up.

Old Business

Mayday schedule event was discussed. Event Manager Joe Hagan presented the report.

Dr. Dan reported that only a few sponsors have replied to letters and advertisement sent out.

No contact has been made to Curtis Youngblood.

Efforts are still being made to insure that the Mayday Event will still be a success.

Also discussed was having future events advertised in AMA monthly magazines and website.

Lee Pratt was not present to give a report as the Food Director. Please contact Joe Hagan to help out with this event.


New Business

Ernie Nettles sugested that we are putting on more events than we have volunteers to help and we should look for other avenues to subsidize our income other than raising dues for the members.

The turnout for scheduled events has been steadily declining and the club needs to find new ways to invoke public entrest. One suggestion is to start an annual raffle starting in the Mayday event selling three thousand raffles tickets for a big screen HDTV is one way we could do this.

Motion made to accept by Jerry Cox and 2nd by Buck Owens.

Joe Again who is a disabled indoor flier from the area wants to join LARKS

It might be to the clubs advantage to get involved with local community activities.

We need to see what can be done for local advertisement on TV (news) and Radio.



Motion was made to adjourn the Meeting by Jerry Cox and 2nd by George Miller


P.S. Due to technical problems there will be no photos from this meeting.