Minutes of Larks Feb 14, 2010 Meeting

Richard "Buck" Owens, Secretary

The regular Larks business meeting was held Feb 14th, 2010. The meeting was called to order by President Erni Nettles who then lead in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Visitors and Attendance:

No visitors

Members present: 18

Thanks to all that showed up for the meeting hope to see everyone at the March 14th meeting.

Minutes of Meeting

Jan 10th 2010 meeting minutes were waived due to the fact that the minutes can be read on the larks website. The motion was made by Greg Nettles and seconded by Mike Rowe

Treasurers Report

Mike Rowe presented the Jan report to show a positive cash flow for the month.

Motion was made to accept the treasury report by Buck Owens 2nd by Greg Nettles

Coke Report

Was presented by Greg Nettles Motion was made to accept by Jim Martin 2nd by Pat Moore


MAYDAY May (April 30th _ May 1st- 2nd 2010)

The volunteers so far are: CD Mike Rowe, Manager Joe Hagan, Food Director Lee Pratt,

Chairman for advertisement and promotion Dr. Dan,

More volunteers to help would be appreciated

Club Maintenance

Maintenance report was given by Pat Moore,

Limestone was placed on drives,

Safety Report

Was given by Mike Young and brought up wet weather and cold that could cause slippery conditions.

Electric Planes pilots need to make sure that batteries and radios are off until the plane is brought out to the flight stations, One took off while on a work table.

Old Business

Mike Rowe presented updated on the indoor flight area at the West Lake community center as a proposed site. A committee of Mike Rowe , Jerry Cox, and Jim Martin are checking into Possible Location and time frames for use of indoor fight ranges. Updates will be given at the next meeting.


New Business

Ernie Nettles and Pat Moore discussed building cooking tables, serving tables, and adding a stainless steel sink on the west side of the building. Pat Moore volunteered to build the tables.

Thanks to Sonny Stokeld for donating the sink.



Motion was made to adjourn the Meeting by Greg Nettles and 2nd by Buck Owens